Given the new government measures regarding physical distancing; we are sold out for the 2021 season. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting new requests for this summer.  If the situation changes, we will let you know.


We would like to welcome you to the Aylmer farmer’s market. We are happy to be collaborating with local producers and artisans and will be selecting vendors carefully to ensure only the best products will be provided and to avoid redundancy throughout vendors.

Aylmer farmers market vendor info, rules and regulations

  1. You must provide your own 10’x10′ tent and table. The tent has to be approved by Health Canada and has to be fire resistant. It is suggested to get one with a reflective liner and a back panel to keep the sun and rain out.

  2. All products must be locally made by you (the vendor). No store bought products will be allowed.

  3. NO re-selling of store bought goods will be allowed.

  4. In order to complete the offer the vendor can offer up to 10% of the products in his/her kiosk from other locally sourced products upon approval.

  5. You must provide a complete list of the product offer and you must respect this list. If during the season you wish to offer more products they must be approved in advance.

  6. All products MUST be displayed on your table (excluding refrigerated or frozen products). It must be clear to the client what you are selling and stock must be visible. Often clients will walk past stall when there appears to be not much left, limiting sales.

  7. The consumer protection law requires that all items be prices, either on each items or close by. 

  8. No exclusivity right will be accorded but we reserve the right to limit the number of vendors in the same category to maintain market viability.

  9. All vendors must respect the Québec signage law; all banners/signs/description of articles must be in bilingual. You must be able to serve the customer in French.

  10. All vendors are required to have the necessary permit. (MAPAQ) for food vendors (SAQ) for alcohol sell. The permit #must be provided.

  11. There will be solicitation or hackling tolerated.

  12. The market is non-smoking for reason of safety and hygiene. Please respect your neighbours and clients we asked that you smoke outside the park.

  13. All refuse generated by your kiosk will be your responsibility so be sure to bring the appropriate supplies to do so. The market garbage cans are for the public, not for our vendors.

  14. Vendors will not disturb the normal enjoyment of the premises for other vendors, the public and representatives of the OAM. Accordingly, you and your employees shall refrain from any verbal attack or any form of intimidation, any language or rude and disrespectful behavior, solicit public shouting. Disrespectful behavior includes questioning or interrupting the conversation of a customer with another merchant.

  15. You must be present at your booth from opening time to closing time.

  16. We encourage vendors to subscribe to the SQUARE method of payment to accommodate clients that may not have cash on them. There is no ATM on site.

  17. If you cannot be present or provide a replacement, you must notify us as soon as possible by contacting the OAM: 819-661-5783. In the event of a no show/no call a verbal notice will be giving, for a second infraction a writing notice will be send to you terminating your rental space without refund.
  18. We will be accepting last minute vendors on a case by case basis depending on availability. The reservation however has to be made the Thursday before 5pm prior to the Sunday requested.

  19. You must comply at all times with the rules, regulations, guidelines and other recommendations of the OAM, failure to do so may lead to expulsion from the market and this without any refund.

  20. Parking is provided for vendors behind 115 Rue Principale and no vehicle will be parked on adjacent street to the park. These parking spaces are for our CLIENTS. During set-up and at the end of the day we ask that you unload your things as quickly as possible then move your vehicle before setting up your booth. Sanctions will be taken against vendors who do not respect this rule.
  21. All requests must be made in writing be completing and signing this application form. The OAM reserve the right to deny any request if it deems that he product or services are not compatible with our mandate.

  22. The market is required to produce a report on the economic benefits of the market, because of this you will be asked to submit your approximate daily sales number every week. Please note that this will be done anonymously and strictly confidential.